L28-192 Laura

Laurin-Koster L28 (LAURA)

LAURA is a solid, simple and functional built boat. Laurins are considered to be very good and safe ships. They are rightly known as "€žheavy weather ships"

You can find more info on the L28 here.

Every autumn she was taken out of the water, cleaned and stored over the winter period in a hall in Neuhaus/Oste not far from Cuxhaven (Elbe-estuary). In 2010 she's got a new 14HP Beta-Marine Diesel with TMC40 gearbox and a shaft with a three-bladed 13x8" propeller. Since then the engine has run for 120h.

Unfortunately my job doesn't leave me enough time any more to sail her, so I hope that I can give her into able and trusted hands. Money issues should be of secondary  importance, on that purpose we'll find a solution. Unfortunately she has not seen any water or maintenance since autumn 2012 and stays under roof in that Neuhaus/Oste hall since then.

For further questions or applications please contact Bernd via e-mail: laurin28forsale@web.de