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A Visit with Arvid Laurin by Hugh Macartney, Victoria, B.C., Canada

"The Glasfiberboat, that Became an Antiquity" by Stig Gunnar Skoot ( "Ambra" 1982)

Owners Cruise Logs:

L32 "Centaurea"

L32 "Mary Lou"

L32 "Valborg"

L32  "Syzygy"

Boat history, spiced up with a story - "12½ years with "Centaurea" - by Marijane Sipple (4th owner)

Logbooks from


Orkney Cruise 2012


First circumnavigation from 1977 to -79

L32 "Stranded"

L28 "Nicolina"

L32 "Mermaid"

From the Dutch Rescue Magazine "De Reddingboot" (June 87 Edition 141)

The beginner goes Blue Water Sailing!

Sailing from Canada to Hawaii by Reid Townsley, Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada


Laurin Koster Stamps

One of the few yachts with its own stamp !             Here L32 S 182 "Rola" from Värmdö. In the cockpit is the happy owners Chatrin & Jürgen Olesch 

Here a L32 pictured on a stamp from a Swedish Series of stamps on "Göta Kanal" from 1979

Toilet in the Cabin

"Brittila's" (KR S 699) första ägere överraskade omgivningen med ett tämligen frivolt dass. Han gjorde helt enkelt en midjehög avbalkning inne i salongen där man kunde förrätta sina affärer under kongenial konversation med övriga i salongen. Detta har dock nuvärande ägere korrigerat, och förlagt lokum till mera avskilda regioner.

Restoration Projects

L32 "Janna"


Restoration Project What would you do, if you could build a new interior in a L32 ?

A badly maintained boat, getting a "New Life"